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16 Oct 2012 

Converse Cult

I started a new My Chemical Romance fan fiction and it's about Kellz, our friend HannaH, and I being in a band that get's involved with My Chemical Romance. I have the first page written and today during an extended charger time I plan to write and rewrite the crap out of it till it's perfect! I've already had my friend Apprille look it over and she did a lot of Editing to it so now I know everything is grammerly correct the only thing left is to polish the baby and rock it to the next page. But before I can do that I need to have a clear head on who the characters based on us are. I need to think about there past, why they started the band, how they grew up if it differs from real life, and most important to me, I have to be able to visualize them. I already have a piture of how I want HannaH's character (Grace Annestasia) looks but Kellz want's a different look. So that's the next mission. Find a pic for Kellz girl (Alice Toker). And after I do all the OCD crap I plan to do to make it awesome, I might even post the story here. But I'm still not sure yet.
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