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18 Oct 2012 


Um I am in a great mood right now! I just wish that I had some guitar hero to play :P I seriously just feel like dancing, jamming out to some epic music, y'know, the fun stuff! But that's probably not gonna happen today. Actually chances are I'm gonna forget most of this by the time that I fall asleep tonight. And I don't promise that this post is gonna make any sense at all. OMFG...sorry for the text talk but I just remembered that tomorrow is the last football game for the band! It'll be the last time we perform for the school! That's crazy! Sorry, I don't use terms like cray-cray, I'm a normal person, not a four year old gangster. Anyway, I feel like being off topic today and super unfocused, but whatever. I think I'm just gonna post today's song and log off before I do something stupider than shit...

-Kelly R. Koontz

Weatherman - Dead Sara
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18 Oct 2012 

People Suck.

SO yesterday I posted a song online on this site called Quizilla. Few minutes later I get an e-mail saying that is bad and was taken down. So my song about a girl being called a whore is terrible but my profile  picture of someone slittingtheir wrist is totally cool, along with my storys with hard core sex, even my song about a murderer fucking his victims reletives at the funerals?!?!
 So I let you be the judge. Do You Think This Sould be Locked Away and Forced to Never see the light Of Day?

Poor Little Bitch

She’s damage with a big red bow

Dieing inside while she puts on a show

Every cheer helps push the pain down deeper

When the circus comes to town


Feelings aside, packed down under the lies

She’s in her element among the gifted and unique




No words bother her

A skill learned from an early age

When her mother abandoned her

Long ago


Death dealers, demons, saints

No one can scare a circus skank like this poor girl

It takes to much to care

That’s how she knows no one would miss ‘er


Yet she goes on

Too angry to live

Too scared to die

Existing in neutral bliss

Decaying with the filth of human integrity


Maybe the devil will shed her a kiss

Saving her from the flesh wounds inflicted

But that’s only the after thought

of our sweet



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