October 2012
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02 Oct 2012 

I'm Confused as All Hell

††††††††† So, Iíve managed to completely mind fuck myself with the feeling that something is going on. But I donít know with who or what it is. Just that something is going on around me, and ever now and then I get close to figuring it out, but then there are also the times when I know Iíve just been feed a bunch of crap just further hiding what is going on that I am supposedly not suppose to know about. But hereís the thing, Iím not even sure if the people around me know about it. Or maybe one does and not the other and some how they are pushing me back with out knowing it. Further more, Iím not positive that I want to know whatís going on, just that there most likely is, and Iím curious and frustrated at the fact that I donít know what it is, but I feel like Iím getting close and the same time I am very clearly being mislead into being pushed back farther from uncovering the truth of what is around me and there for all of us. - Rebecca S. Herring

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