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03 Dec 2012 

Man, We've been soo busy!

Between  the end of the semester being around the cornor
Our band playing during the Cheifs half time show
Creating our own Weebly page
And Normal Teenage emotions, our lives have gotten extremly busy.
Not that I'm even close to complaining! I rather live my life constantly at Full Speed than sit there on my couch every morning, begging for something to do.
I know that's my goal for the up coming year, to get more done.
I came to realize that when Kellz started talking about what she wants to see when she's old, looking back on her life.
The thought got me thinking, imagine that, about what I want to see.
When I get older, maybe when I hit my 30's, I want to be able to tell people about all things we did. The pointless crap we created that we had so much pride in, though it made us lozers, the nights we stayed up on the phone trying to finish a video or song that we have so much passion in that we can't sleep till it's done, or something along those lines.
I want to have something I can be pointlessly proud of.
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26 Nov 2012 


Kellz and I have been trying to create are own website useing cause we think it is the next logical step for us. The only problem is that we havn't really talked about the website, I don't know if I'm alowed to edit it on my own, and we are still unsure of the purpose. So yeah. There's your update for the day.
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15 Nov 2012 

There May Be Something Wrong w/ Me

So as you know I have this obsession for My Chemical Romance that goes a bit beyond sanity. But while I was creeping on them and their favorite bands/ songs I found this band called NOFX and listened to their song Creeping Out Sara which is all about these two unbelieveably hot canadian lesbian sisters that I may now be in love with. With that being said, the song of the day is I'm Now Your Hero by Sara and Tegan.
Band associated with them is Black Keys
They both play guitar and sing and that's all that is used in their music
They recorded their first to demo albums with their highschools recording equitment
They started when they were 15
and now all you have to do is listen to there awesome indie rock music
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12 Nov 2012 

In Short...

This has to be short because Talking Dead comes on in six minutes, but I just wanted to say that Mozart's clarinet Concerto is such a pain in the ass! but I'm happy to say that it's going very well and I don't think I'm going to end up second to last chair this year ^_^ that is all, because I don't want to miss this...
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09 Nov 2012 


I'm sitting in graphic design and to be honest, there's nothing for me to do. I've already finished the project we've been working on, let's see if it will upload:

Hopefully this will work just by me pasting it into the post...we'll see, I may have to just post it at home because Apple products suck. And the url for my website thingy that has all of my work is just an fyi

About Becca's post, I'm not entirely sure what that was about, I question if she really was only smoking a cigarette, that sounded a little funky to me. Also, Bec, your spelling about killed me. Like finally...only one "n". Ok, I'm done for today and Candyland just came on Spotify (which I downloaded to the school computer ^_^)
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